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today some 72,000 remain unaccounted for. at arlington national cemetery karen gray houston, fox 5 news. the news keeps coming tonight. shawn this is for brian on the news edge at 11:00. more than 10,000 people are flooding into northern virginia to mark a historic milestone, the first major battle of the civil war. the four days of events come on the hottest weekend of the year. we're talking triple digits over the next few days. tonight prince william county emergency crews are getting ready reviewing safety plans. fox 5's matt ackland just got back from manassas and has the news edge on virginia tonight. >> more than 80 events connected to this commemoration are scheduled to take place over the next four days. the reenactment on saturday is expected to attract well over 10,000 people from all over. although emergency officials in the county have prepared for the extreme heat, they are concerned tonight.
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jenny robby and jody berger drove all the way from iowa to take part in the reenactment in the first part of manassas bold run. shirts and t-shirts now but they plan to wear full civil war era dresses for the reenactment saturday even in the extreme heat. >> my arms will be covered. it's all the way up to here, six-bone hoop underneath it. >> all the dresses are long, long sleeves, multi layers, yes. >> reporter: wednesday night fire officials from all over prince williams county were briefed on emergency measures for the events in place. >> our fire rescue units will be operating primarily on several different sites. >> reporter: the assistant chief says his department has been planning for over a year now for these events. heat was something they've been preparing for. >> you plan for the worst, hope for the best. so yes, we have considered it. we were hoping it wouldn't
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happen, but it's coming. >> reporter: emergency personnel teams will be fanned out. cooling medical tents will be set up, even some rescuers will be riding bikes. still officials hope those who plan to spend hours in the extreme heat will do their best to keep cool and hydrate often. >> i'm very concerned with the heat. i've had problems the last few years with heat and became too dehydrated. so yeah, i'm very concerned. >> it's going to be a very busy weekend. there is a race at old dominion speedway this weekend as well as aquapalooza. both events are expected to draw thousands of people. a number of nearby fire departments in nearby counties are stepping up to offer their assistance in the next few days. >> nice to see all those plans in place to keep people safe. fox 5 morning news will be in manassas for the anniversary. tune in tomorrow for the ceremonies. we will talk to the reenactors live if our air. >> if you thought today was bad, tomorrow will be worse.
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the heat will be oppressive. it's oppressive tonight, too much let's get right to sue palka in the weather center. are there any heat warnings out? >> we have an excessive heat warning for not just tomorrow but also friday and it's mostly for the afternoon and evening hours, the peak heating of the day. it really encompasses most of the mid-atlantic, not even just in our region. we'll go ahead and show you that. where you see the blank area towards western maryland is actually under a heat advisory. the rest of us, what this means is the air temperature will be near 100. the heat index, the combination of the heat and humidity or what it feels like to your body, will be at least 110 and maybe warmer and that is excessive. it's the kind of thing that can produce heat illnesses. you'll need to take precautions if you need to spend a good amount of time outside. today's high temperature 94. in raleigh it was 100. cincinnati and detroit 96, minneapolis 96. it's crazy for them to be that hot. look at how many places were at
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or above 100 including wichita at 105, omaha and st. louis at 100 degrees and dallas at 100. that whole core of that heat shifts east and we are going to be really feeling the full effects of it in the next two days with friday in particular really being hot. it's 86 degrees right now. so mighty hot out there. when we factor in the humidity, it still feels like 95 at 11:00. >> thank you. pepco says it's ready to deal with the extreme heat. the company spokesman says the power company has enough power supply to meet demand, but it is urging customers to conserve. they want you to set your thermostats to 78 degrees. use your fan and close your blinds. if you run the ac it can cost more to cool down your house when the temperatures get this warm. new details tonight about the murder of a springfield, virginia man. police believe 75-year-old gary hanson's son richard shot him
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to death. the elder hanson was found dead last night in his home. police aren't sure what led to the shooting, but tonight neighbors are in shock in that normally quiet community. >> i'm totally stunned and i'm sure everybody in the community and on the street are stunned that something like this doesn't fall into the normal pattern of events around here. >> police believe richard hanson may be driving a 1998 green saturn with virginia tags. if you have any information about the case, call police. tonight no clear motive as to what drove a virginia man to allegedly fire shots into the pentagon and other military buildings in our area. yonathan melaku is an ex marine and appeared at a trial in leesburg on unrelated charges. his lawyer said he believes his client enjoyed his time as a reservist and did not hold a grudge against the military.
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a bipartisan plan to enend the debt ceiling debate is emerge -- end the debt ceiling debate is emerging in the senate. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> president obama is running out of time and now signaling he would possibly support a deal to deal with the nation's debt, lawmakers in the white house hammering out the details. the president is trying to sell entitlement programs in the plan to fellow democrats while republicans are trying to swallow supporting revenue increases. a search is underway tonight for the gunman who shot and killed a transgender woman overnight on sixth street northeast. miles mcclain akalashay mcclain was walking with another transgender person. words were exchanged with two men. shots were fired and mcclain was killed. police say it may be a hate crime. guns will soon be on sale in d.c. gun dealer charles sykes who lost his lease and had to close his store will set up shop in d.c. police headquarters. the city proposed the plan as a
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temporary solution, no word when he will open up for business. up next one of the biggest hurdles to building the dulles metrorail extension may be settled. also reagan national is taking steps to protect your privacy. find out what is changing in the security line. here's a look at some of the other stories on our rundown. we're back in 60 seconds. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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a major hurdle to financing the dulles metrorail extension may be settled. today it was agreed to build a less expensive above ground station at the dulles airport. the board voted 12-1 to accept a compromised plan that cuts costs by a billion dollars, but not everyone is on board. some still want to keep the
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underground station as an option. >> we've been approached by several companies saying hey, what if we not only build, but we financed? >> despite today's compromise the new agreement has to be worked out in the next two weeks before the board takes a final vote. from the rails to the skies changes are coming to the nation's airports. plus one automaker is issuing a recall tonight. back to laura for your fox 5 top five up. >> first tonight why a u.s. airline is ordering a whole new fleet of planes. american airlines ordering 460 new jets. the new boeing and airbus planes will mean more leg and head room for passengers along with wireless internet and tv screens. they'll also save on gas. american currently has the oldest planes in the industry. no. 4, changes to tsa screenings at reagan national airport, new software meaning more privacy. the old equipment showed partially naked images of passengers. the new program only shows the
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generic outline of a body but it still can detect nonmetallic devices or bombs. no. 3, at the top of the newscast we told you about tomorrow's kickoff of the 150th anniversary of the first battle of manassas. if you plan on going, expect heavy traffic on i-66. lee highway and route 234 near the battlefield park will also have bad traffic. if you're not going, you might want to avoid driving in the area altogether. no. 2, ford is recalling 20,000 trucks and suvs. a defective switch could cause the turn signal, taillights and brake lights to fame. the affected models include ranger pickups, excursions and f series trucks. no. 1 tonight. it's going to get even hotter. here are a few tips to beat the heat. aaa says make sure your car has the light level of coolant so it won't overheat and do remember don't leave your kids, the elderly or pets inside a hot car even for a minute. it can be deadly. for our tips how to beat the
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heat go to and look on our homepage. coming up next this is boot camp. not for people in the military, but for their kids and it isn't easy. but first it is one thing to put your name on a building or even a street, but a billionaire from the united emirates named ahmad bin handan has written his name so big you can see it from outer space. this is not a joke. he had a construction crew carve his name in the sand of the island he owns. the letters are 1/2-mile high and of 2 miles long. they are so big the h and the first a have been made into waterways. he's worth an estimated $23 billion. 
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some teenagers were put to the test today under the hot july sun. they're children of active duty military personnel. they got a taste of what their parents do. fox 5's beth parker takes us to boot camp. >> reporter: they're either in your face or watching you suffer. >> have you gotten yelled at today? >> twice actually. >> i've been yelled at a couple times. >> reporter: this is operation basic boot camp sponsored by the uso of metro washington.
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it's a one-day boot camp for kids with military parents. >> absolutely an aha thing. we all went oh, my gosh, this would be such a great idea. >> reporter: even for kids from military families this takes a little getting used to. >> yes, missy, and you won't get used to this. this is no picnic. this won't be an easy day for you. >> reporter: it is hard not to laugh. >> take your camera crew and get off my premises! >> reporter: for kids that's the toughest part, no smiling, no laughing, no looking the drill sergeant in the eye. >> of parent tells you to look at the person talking -- every parent tells you to look at the person talking to you, but when you do it here they yell at you to tell them to stop eyeballing them. this is only one day and it's 10 times harder than what i'm doing. i couldn't probably last a week. >> reporter: what's going through your head when you're doing push-ups. >> how they're making me do that. i love my dad. i love my dad. >> reporter: yes, there really is new respect for parents.
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>> i learned that my parents have been working really hard and what they do is no joke. >> most kids expect their parents to come home from work and start fighting with them. it's like do this for 24/7, all day. you're going to want to sit down and take a nap. >> i learned to trust myself more, to never give up even when you're down. you just feel like you want to give up on the floor. you got to push yourself back up. >> if they yell at you, they yell, but they're telling you to work harder. if. >> if you have the right motivation, it's kind of like a little chamber that's unlocked for you that's always been inside everyone. i'm on my way. >> reporter: at fort belvoir, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> pretty impressive. did you see it? dramatic video of a powerful water explosion. take a look at this. a burst of floodwaters lifted the back end of this parked car feet in the air. an explosion of water flooded a sewer forcing the cover of a
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manhole to blow off. it happened during a day of heavy rain that caused flash flooding across parts of montreal. can you imagine that? >> good heavens. >> speaking of rain, i'm just curious. we were talking about the heat. i know it's really hot. seems like we haven't had enough lately. >> the high heat doesn't help. we've had hit or miss thunderstorms. that's probably the next big story in our area is we need some rain. we're losing all the moisture that was around from the hit or miss thunderstorms. as we endup, hot, well, we're not ending july. i wish we could end july. maybe august will be a bit of a break. it was last year. last july was hotter than august. we seem to be on that track, but still seeing a lot of haze in the air. i wish i could tell you relief is right around the corner, but we see it coming, unfortunately not until next week. so a number of days to get through. the next three tomorrow are looking like 100 degrees, friday probably the hottest at 102 in the series and we still
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think saturday could be at 100 degrees or real close with those heat index values running between 105 and 115. that's why we have those excessive heat warnings. we have a new tropical storm to tell you about. tropical storm bret has been out there for a while. here's tropical storm cindy that popped up today. the good news with both of these is they won't be a threat to land. we call them fish storms, glad to see they're moving away. it looks like bret will weaken quickly. he'll have high surf along the atlantic and cindy will keep on moving but still way out there and kicking up a little fuss in the shipping lanes. so three tropical storms down and let's hope the rest continue to be a miss, although it will be a long season it. goes till november 30th. speaking of a long season, how about this la nina summer with our big heat dome baking so much in the middle part of the country now set to broil the mid-atlantic as that big dome
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of high pressure moves in on top of us. it will be hard pressed to move out. it's feeding in the incredible humidity to this big bubble of hot air. that's where we get the big heat index numbers as high as 115 degrees. so lots of company when it comes to excessive heat warnings as you can see, virtually 2/3 of the country covered in some kind of warning. for us that excessive heat warning means that it's very likely you may suffer some heat illness if you're sensitive to these kinds of conditions and will be spending a lot of time outside. as you know, we expect washington to be right around 100 degrees and we run this right up the mid-atlantic all the way up to boston to know we're looking at temperatures that will really be way up there, near 100 degrees for all of them, even boston at 96 degrees. we know friday also another real scorcher for us and our temperature right now is 86 degrees. we don't see much relief, maybe a little bit in southern
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maryland, leonardtown coming in at 77 degrees. when you factor in humidity, it still feels like the mid-90s in many areas and our temperatures tonight only in the mid-and upper 70s with that oppressive humidity continuing. here's your five-day forecast, triple digits the next three days, maybe sunday in the upper 90s. there is the possibility of a little relief sunday if a backdoor front swings through, might produce a thunderstorm. we think it will struggle to do that and monday may be 96 degrees. perhaps better news rolling into tuesday and you know what? for thursday perhaps better news when it comes to that nfl lockout. dave feldman is next coming up with sports. he'll let you know what the latest is on that front. 
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. the nfl players did not vote today on a deal to end the lockout, evidently still work to do to finalize an agreement between the owner and players. the nfl players association executive committee and reps from all 32 teams met today here in washington, but some participants left in the afternoon after reviewing portions of a tentative deal. if the players do vote on and approve the cba tomorrow morning either by conference call or remote communication, the owners would then vote on the proposed cba at their meetings in atlanta tomorrow. here's the president of the nflpa. >> at the end of the day whatever deal is struck, there's going to be stuff on the table we don't like and
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stuff that the other side doesn't like and things we wish we can get and that's the sign of a good bargaining, but at the end of the day whatever is on the table, whatever we agree to, has to be what's right for the players. >> let's hope it gets done tomorrow. happy birthday stephen strasburg. you turn 23 today. your rehab is going great by all accounts and let's be honest, the nats could use you sooner rather than later. mike rizzo on hand in houston as the trade deadline nears. pick it up in the 6th inning, nats down 2-0. batting just .214 jayson werth takes this one out of the park, first home run since june 16th, tied at two until the bottom of the 11th. clyde coffey in real trouble. hum butter owe quintero -- humberto quintero scores the
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game winning run, nats lost 3- 2. >> they pitched good against us. the bullpen didn't give up a whole lot. so it was a good series. we're coming along. i wanted to win two out of three here for sure. >> the orioles hosting the red sox in a matinee series finale, top of the 3rd, no score. jacoby ellsbury takes it into deep right field. that's a solo home run, ellsbury later adding another, 15 on the year. ellsbury owns a 29 game hitting streak against baltimore, pretty good. red sox shut off the early ons 4-0. ben olsen and d.c. united looking for their first win against the new england revolution since october, 2008. scoreless in the 44th minute after a revs handball, charlie davies on for the penalty kick and shoots it high. had been 4-4 on the season, remains scoreless. 73rd minute, new england with the corner kick and it's headed
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in by steven mccarthy, your game winner. united falls to the revolution 1-0. mystics hosting the atlanta dream, alaina beard yet to play due to a foot injury. marissa coleman gets one of her five three-pointers, career high 21 points. final minute, atlanta leading by two, mystics fall to the dream 86-79. washington is now 3-11. in world team tennis the kastles defeat the new york sports times to -0 on the season and tiger woods announces today he has split with long time caddy steven williams. the two worked together since march of 1999, tiger upset williams wanted adam scott at the u.s. and british open. i'm dave feldman. shawn yancy back with more on the edge after this.
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we're taking the edge off tonight with we've seen military members asking celebrities to marine corps balls recently. now it's the other way around. this week sergeant ray lewis asked out betty white via youtube. the actress declined because of her work schedule, so today another actress offered to go in betty's place, linda hamilton from the terminator movies. take a look. >> i know that i am no betty white, but i would be l

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